Thursday, September 18, 2003

Adis says:I've been asked for banners and buttons to link to CYS, and here they are, so take your pick.
It's a way of thanking everyone who have been mentioning me in their own sites, or have been writing to say how much they love either Ship or Katie. Or both. Or Laurie, who's only been in the strip for two weeks. (I think she'll like to hear that.) Really, it means a lot. I even made a list! I hope I don't forget anyone, and just know that if you're reading this, I'm deeply grateful:
Thanks to JB of Catharsis, for giving me an Honorable Mention at the BuzzAwards and for the kick-ass presentation. Thanks to Wildcard of This Comic Sucks, and thanks to Phil of CTRL+C+V+Z; all my gratitude goes to James Francis of Psycindom and Reva Sharp of Back in the day, Matt C. of Paragon Fishing, Thanks to Silvan Glade, Sean Murphy of slacks and everyone at Drunk Duck. Special thanks to Matthew Genier of 64 Demons for the kind words despite being the tough guy that he is, Mary B. of Soul-D for being a fellow Jim Hawkins fan; Sluggie of The Pensieve for giving me my own gallery, a million thanks to Mike Shea of Pandora's Box for being one of the strongest, most vocal supporters of CYS; Amanda Hardy of R.D.T. and the brilliant What I Learned Today (my favorite webcomic) for letting me pester her incessantly; Troy Steele of the great Jane Austen Shelf for his strong faith in what CYS can be; and finally, a billion thanks to Ping Teo of The Jaded , for her HTML assistance, and for unkowningly lifting my spirits when I needed it the most.
"The Cheese Affair" will continue tomorrow, and you wouldn't want to miss it, so you better come back! Thanks to everyone else who've written or commented on the strip, you are the best. There. I'm done. This is kind of a makeshift links page as well, while Zac Smith, my webmaster and the brain behind the new logo (thanks!) finishes touching up the new site. I promise there won't be too many fuzzy moments like this one in the future. Boy Scout's word.
Now go to bed!

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