Friday, September 26, 2003

Adis says: Ah! the oldest joke in the book! Come on, you can't have a story about astronauts and not have someone say that line. But there's more! I felt the storyline simply couldn't end here, it feels teribly abrupt! So, rejoice, because "The Cheese Affair" continues next week!
Ron Braun, creator of Hello Cruel World has picked CYS to be his Webcomic Spotlight of the Week, something I'm terribly grateful for.
I got a nifty rejection letter from United Media today. That makes it...what? about 8 already... I should put a counter of how many times the syndicates have turned my strip down (not CYS,) like the one on Sinfest.One of these days, when I have the proper buttons, I won't have to remind you every day to go visit the forum, but that day is obviously not today.
Now go to bed!

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