Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Adis says:I wrote about five different versions of this strip until I found one I liked, while listening to Billie Holiday sing "Them there eyes." Probably Sinatra's.
As you know, Keenspace was down almost all day on Monday, so I decided not to update yesterday and leave the strip for another day. In case this ever happens again, you could always head on to the mirror site on Drunk Duck, that finally catches up with the regular site with this very strip! Bookmark it for whenever the need arises.
A big big big thank you goes out to Isabel Marks of Namir Deiter for mentioning CYS, and for being kind enough to answer my upstart questions, and being soooo nice about it.
There's a poll at the forum; if being polled rocks your vote, that's where you need to go.
There. I'm done.
Now go to bed!

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