Sunday, November 9, 2003

Adis says:Welcome to the new Quicksketch Sundays. Quicksketch Comics is the group of cartoonists I'm part of, all of them talented and undeniable hipsters. (I think that remark probably made them all laugh.) I've decided to showcase each one of them every sunday, so you know them, visit their sites, and maybe fall in love with their comics.
We begin with the Quicksketch leader and founder, JB, author of Catharsis. I made the art above, and JB was kind enough to agree to a little interview, so you can all know her better. Ok, let's begin!

Who are you and what's the name of your comic?
Name's Jen Boeke, but since no one can pronounce that last part I go by JB. Comic's name is Catharsis.

What is it about?
Catharsis is about a mild-mannered, shy girl, Gwen, who lives with her goofy pet dragon, a grouchy naked squirrel, and living dustballs. Gwen's "inner child" also has her own personality which comes to life in the form of Tennibrook, a smaller pig-tailed version of Gwen.

Where did you get the idea?
Tennibrook is a character I've actually written a few stories about before, and I wanted to do more with her. I wanted to have a comic that encompasses most aspects of myself (the mischievous child, the goof, the grump, the normal-boring-Jen) and kind of see how many people can relate to it.

Do you think it's something that a reader of a certain other strip starring a girl and a sheep might enjoy?
I certainly hope so, as I really enjoy his work as well. ;)

Do you think it's exciting to be a web cartoonist?
I'm not sure if "exciting" is the word I'd use. It's definitely fun, and challenging as well. Sometimes it's also a pain in the rump.

Has anyone stopped you in the street for an autograph? Would you like to be?
No one really knows what I look like, so, no. I think I might actually die of a heart attack if someone did. I'm kind of shy by nature as it is, though, so I don't think I'd deal well with that kind of attention.

What's the webcomic you wish you were the author of?
Sluggy Freelance, hands down. I really look up to Pete Abrams and I love almost every single one of his numerous characters. Just his sheer dedication is enough to make me bow down before him.

Did you ever think "Adis" was a girl?
I don't think so, though I could be mistaken. I believe I actually knew the name behind the handle first, and I've never known a girl named Adrian. :)

What can we expect from your comic in the future?
I really want to incorporate a few more characters I've had on the backburner for a year. I do want Gwen to interact with the "cute guy" a bit more. I would also like to push myself to really add some longer plots into it, while still keeping it mostly humorous.

What's your favorite CYS character?
While I really want to say Katie, I've got to go with Ship. I've got a thing for sensitive, funny guys. ;)

Well, what are you waiting for? Go read Catharsis, and I'll see you tomorrow!
Now go to bed!

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