Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Adis says:Today's fanart comes courtesy of Esilence, a loyal reader and a webtoonist herself! And, she's from Australia, which makes her cool and skippy. Anyway, please keep sending your fanart for me to post between updates, just read the rules at the forum first.
If you've been voting for CYS at the BCX Top 100 (and judging from the number of votes, you have) you may have seen the first three pages of "Foreign Words", one of my "serious" attempts at comics. Before posting page 4, here are the first three pages, in case you missed any of them.
And that's it. I'm still sick, so I'll go lay down. Just don't forget to read No Room For Magic sometime today (it's funny to write "today" when I actually mean "tomorrow", since I'm writing this on Monday...I'm rambling now, probably all the medicine I'm on.) probably around noon.
Now go to bed!

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Count Your Sheep is Adrian Ramos.