Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Adis says:This one's really special. It's from Mary B. (I somehow know her last name, but I'm not sure whether she makes it public or not...hmmm) author of the lovely drawn Soul-d, which deals with the underworld and its agents, subject matter we've all seen before, but at its heart is about a girl with a dream of singing, and I don't think there are many of those out there. Mary has a terrific Disney-like style, and is as much of a fan (probably more) of Treasure Planet as I am!
Every now and then I say thank you, but I should do it more: thank you, really thank you. I was just thinking today how strange it is to look back to my life when Ship and the girls weren't part of it, day in and day out. I'm so glad they are now.
And anyway, thanks again to everyone who voted, CYS is once again one of the Keenspace All Stars for the third month in a row and the second as the top comic (this time sharing the spot with a bunch of other great comics, that you should go check out!) So once again, thank you, and we'll see you tomorrow.
Now go to bed!

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