Friday, December 5, 2003

Adis says:Hey, I'd like to thank some people for making this such a banner week, and for introducing so many new readers to our humble little comic, by either linking to it or mentioning it.
Thanks to Scott Ramsoomair of the super popularVG Cats for the link, and welcome to all of you who found us through Scott. Since I have your attention, I'll confess that the coloring in VG Cats makes me insanely jealous. Also, thanks a lot to Brian Carroll of Instant Classic. I'm sure you're all familiar with Brian's work, right? I've never mentioned this, but one of the reasons I enjoy Instant Classic is because its characters remind me of many of the people I met in film school. Excellent stuff. Thank you guys!
I like how this strip turned out more than I thought I would, I think it's quite pretty indeed. I was worried about the dialogue, but once I re-read it, it flows fairly well! Adis is a happy camper.
Oh, if you vote for CYS at the BCX, you'll see my sketches for this sunday's Quicksketch Comix Spotlight!
Now go to bed!

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