Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Adis says: Here's the pending Quicksketch Spotlight, with no othert than Chris Paluszeck, author of Carzorthade. So, here it is!

So, dude, what's your comic about?
My comic is about the day-to-day adventures of three of the same person, all living under the same roof.

How old are you, anyway?
Iím 17, and about to graduate from High School (senior year! Woo!)

What's up with the Trmtnrkid, by the way? I think you could have easily done more jokes about the Governator, and yet you didn't. Why?
terminatrkid is a robot. Well, a terminator to be precise, from the Cameronian future in the "Terminator" series of films. As far as the Governator goes, I wish I did more strips about that. Unfortunately, I was late on an update, and that idea came to me at the last minute. Who knows, though? Next time Ah-nuldís in the news for something, maybe Iíll look more into it.

What class were you sleeping in when the idea for Carzorthade came to you?
No class, actually. I was about to go to sleep for the night, when all of sudden, I thought, "SayÖ I use three different names on the internetÖ what if they were all different people, and they lived together?" And then I fell asleep. The idea resurfaced about a week after the word "Carzorthade" showed up.
And just what does "Carzorthade" mean?
The term "Carzorthade" has a very interesting origin. Originally, I used the aliases "Chris Paluszek", "terminatrkid", and "Slate" on the internet, for e-mail, chatting, and message boards, respectively. Unfortunately, using three separate names on the same internet, with three different passwords, can get somewhat excessive. Eventually, I came across an internet name generator, with slots for "First name", "Middle name", and "Last name". When you entered the criteria, the generator would mix up all the letters, and make a whole new name. I tried my real name, but the result wasnít all that exciting. So instead, I tried my three internet names. Lo and behold, what should appear before me, but the word "Carzorthade". At first, I didnít really understand it, but it sounded cool, so I stuck with it. I had no idea it was eventually to become the name for my webcomic (however, in the comic, the term "Carzorthade" means something very different, which Iíll explain in an upcoming series of strips)

What do you have against Shakespeare, fiend?
I have nothing against Shakespeare. However, I have everything against High Schools that teach Shakespeare. Not in the fact that they teach it, but in the way they teach it. Sure, Shakespeareís plays are great, but why must schools destroy them by making us students analyze every single freaking line in the play, picking it apart with a fine tooth comb, looking for any and every trace of symbolism?! Ugh, thatís 11th grade English for you.

Are you the pop culture encyclopedia you seem to be, judging from your comic, or do you do research?
I try to make my strips accessible to the masses, yesÖ actually, between a younger brother and sister, and several very cool friends, I have a viable wealth of pop culture information that I can tap into at any time. But, if itís on a topic Iím not too familiar with, Iíll do research, just to make sure I have my details straight.

What webcomic artists you wish you had met in High School?
Iíd have to say, above all, John Allison, of Scary Go Round fame. Other than that, Iím sure Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade were cool kids back when they were in High SchoolÖ definitely some good gaming buddies. Oh! And Desmond Seah, from Bigger Than CheesesÖ his comicís hilarious, and he is too.

I like how sometimes you experiment with your strip. What's the process of creating each one?
Since I use Flash, I have the option of saving different basic parts of each character, so I donít have to repeatedly draw them (in Flash, doing so is a bit of a hassle). Instead, I have the charactersí basic torsos and heads and eyes saved as templates. After that, I pretty draw everything else with the mouse. Unfortunately, this "simple process" of using templates is starting to show its drawbacks, since I have a hard time venturing into any other angle of view. I tried different approaches by drawing completely by hand (with the mouse in that hand), but I have a long way to go to catch up with the rest of you crazy freehand artists.

What do you think people in your class say about Count Your Sheep?
I think they love it. The girls obviously like it, because, well, itís cute. And the guys like it because thereís something beyond the cutenessÖ it has a humor that works on many levels. Itís a great comic... wish Iíd met the guy in High School, though.

And that's it! Carzorthade is quite entertaining and funny, so I suggest you all go check it out, and I'll see you here tomorrow for a Very Special CYS Episode.
Now go to bed!

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