Saturday, December 27, 2003

Adis says: Pretty, isn't it? And kind of sweet too. No Adrianism today, instead, a History lesson: this was drawn by my freind Andrea from Frostburg, MD. It's particularly important given that Andrea had a big role in the creation of CYS.
Andrea is a comic strip aficionado, but she isn't concerned with the artwork, or the storytelling, or any of that artsy nonesense, but cares first and foremost for her gut instinct.
So, I tried to entertain her with previous efforts, to no avail. My concepts were a bit too complex and difficult, so for my new webcomic, I decided to try to do something simple, cute, and witty, something a person like her would like. And she does, so we can say the strip is a success!
Every now and then, I'll mention the real life influences of CYS, from its origins like today, to the real life people who help me keep going everyday.
Now go to bed!

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