Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Adis says: Hello! Isn't that wonderful? This little ad/guest art comes courtesy of Tim Volpe of Alt Delusions, and it's so nice I wish I had done it myself.
Then you can see the very first colored version of my Katie artwork from last week, done by the good Jeff Chef from my forums, quite the eloquent and vocal fan. Thank you guys!
I'll be showcasing here all the colored versions of my artwork that you sent, so if you made one, don't worry, you'll see it here. I've got quite a few, so don't be surprised if you see them as companions to the actual strips, so we don't lag behind the current one too much.
And here's today art, our Katie looking quite trendy. Remember, to get the actual version to color, you need to vote for CYS at the BCX100!
I have just one rule: Laurie and Katie's hair is blue. Feel free to draw the rest as colorful as you wish, but their hair is blue. If you have already sent me your piece with their hairs drawn brown (I must say I like that though, it seems everyone sees them as brunettes) don't worry, I will still show it here, it's just a rule for the new versions. Thanks!
Now go to bed!

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