Friday, February 27, 2004

Adis says: Hi, I'm Adrian, and I make Count Your Sheep. You have no idea how happy that makes me. I wonder sometimes if the current state of bliss I'm in is because I make this strip and it turns out so nicely, or if this comic strip turns out so nicely because the rest of my life is in a state of bliss. Who knows?
This is the 100th CYS strip, and it makes me proud. Sometimes it surprises me that these three living, breathing friends of ours come from inside my head. However, if they feel real, is because you've made them real, you are the ones who enjoy what they say and what they do, you're the ones who've made them part of your dialy lives.
All I've got left to do is thank you, you don't know how much it matters to me. (And I know I haven't answered your emails this week, I'm sorry, I'm working on it.) So, I thank you all! Thanks for reading, thanks for your fanart, thanks for your letters, and thanks for your support! Be aware that I'm not going anywhere, and that CYS will carry on as long as I have a left hand and a sound mind. (Oh, could someone please stop by the forum? It's kinda dead there. Please?)
That's it. Muchas Gracias
Now go to bed!

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Count Your Sheep is Adrian Ramos.