Sunday, March 7, 2004

Adis says:Since I don't run it on weekdays anymore, I'll take the fanart you send and run it here every two sundays between my own Quicksketch Spotlights and such. Soooooo, here's the first batch, first a strip from a fan named Kat (you can meet her in the forum). In a display of cross-referencing, she used Roy, one of my characters from No Room For Magic. The second one comes from Nate Frisoli, author of Children At Play. Thanks to both of them!

I'll also use Sundays to rant a bit longer, so if you have the extra minute, stick around.
First, I'd like to tell you about my plans for No Room For Magic. Once Hawk and I wrap up the Christmas storyline, I'll take it on hiatus. I'll use that time to work on the NRFM story that will run in the second volume of the Drunk Duck book. Once that's done, I'll resume the comic, probably taking up the entire artistic duties by myself again.
I'd also like to send a round of applause to my friend Ping Teo, author of The Jaded, who is about to join the ranks of Graphic Smash! Congratulations to Ping, who is the first webcartoonist I met, and one of the first fans of CYS as well! She deserves success.
On that note, for those of you who were wondering, yes, I would like to see CYS getting syndicated. I first started CYS as a dumping ground for ideas I'd use in my more "serious" attempts at a comic strip. It wasn't until November(!) that I realized what a fool I was, because CYS is the best work I've ever done. Now, I've been sending my submission packages to the syndicates (with special black and white versions of the strips!), but I haven't heard anything yet. When (and if) I do, I'll let you know.
Oh, and if you want to see some of my own artwork today, you can see the guest strips I've done for other comics. I don't usually do it, unless I believe in the comic in question and the author needs a guest strip with urgency (nothing short of "my dog will die unless you draw a guest strip for me!") You can check what I did with Amanda Hardy's What I Learned Today, or the poster I drew for the very excellent Poppycock Circus by Steve Carey. And sometime this week, you can see a guest strip by me over at Catharsis, on the occassion of JB's birthday.
There's a new voting sketch up by the way, with more random Adis doodles!
Now go to bed!

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