Sunday, March 21, 2004

Adis says: I was looking at my "fanart" folders, and I noticed just how much you've sent, and how great most of it is! But, it's actually a good thing, because it will help me out this week.
You see, I'm one of the artists collaborating on the second Drunk Duck book, but I somehow missed a very important bit of information: the deadline. It turns out, it's next Thursday! So, I'll have to gather all my strength and produce 20 comic book pages by then. If I do anything else but work on it I'm going to pass out, which is why I won't be working on anything else this week. Thankfully, I work on CYS way in advance, and I have strips for the update days, so don't worry. The other four days of the week, I'll be showcasing all the great art you've sent me, alongside a few surprises that you won't want to miss!
And now on to today's artowrk: first up, a lovely piece in celebration of CYS' 100th strip, drawn by Mrs. Nice Cartoonist herself, Sandra Delete of Friendly Hostility, formerly of Boy Meets Boy fame. The second one is courtesy of the very friendly and decent Sean Murphy of slacks. The third one is a wacky colored version of my artwork done by one of the most devoted CYS readers I've come across, Surey Neko (not her real name, but we are all allowed to have a pen name, right?)
Anyway, stick around because there'll be plenty to see this week!
Now go to bed!

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