Saturday, May 1, 2004

Adis says:Sorry about the delay. However, like I said, if you send photos of you using a CYS strip for something, like printing it out to post it somewhere, your wall or on a blackboard, or use them as a wallpaper, take a photo and send them to me.
This one comes from a fan by the name of Etanisla, who says: "Note the placement of your strip, so when my work is on my last-ever-loving-nerve, I can look up and smile. Directly behind my chair is my daughter's chair, her computer is out of sight." and "...Her favorite color is blue, so when I framed the printout, we had a fight over who's computer it would be mounted. I won, only because her teddy bear ("Cuddly Bear") didn't come to her rescue. I think he was taking notes about Ship at the time."
Lovely, isn't it?
Now go to bed!

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