Friday, July 16, 2004

Adis says:I've been thinking about whether or not I should write this, and even if it doesn't serve a purpose other than help me vent, I probably need to.
The truth is, I'm in a pretty dire financial situation. (I know. Isn't that true for most webcartoonists?) But it's true. While I've done a couple of one time jobs in the past year (mostly derived from what little reputation I've gained from doing the comic), but I've been essentially unemployed, which is why I have devoted all of my time and energies to the comics, living off the kindness of my family and my savings, but I'm very close to emptying that well and hitting rock bottom. And what do I have to fall back on? I'm a trained screenwriter living in a country that makes 20 films each year, most of them written by the same people. The truth is, I don't know what to do anymore.
I suppose I could ask for your help, another cartoonist that asks his audience to help save him from utter poverty. But I don't know, I feel I should give something more back. Of course, feel free to donate if you wish, while I have a substantial amount of pride, my situation has pretty much used up most of it. Yes, I need help. For the miilionaires among you, I also wouldn't mind if anyone wished to become my patron and support my art. Ha! (See? sense of humor! I haven't lost that, don't worry. Just check out the strip, isn't the helmet great?)
Also, I'm offering my services: need an illustrator? I'm your man. Need a cartoonist? I'm your man. Need someone to turn your memoirs into a decent book? I'm here. Wish to see Ship advertising your matresses or drinking your soda? Just let me know. I would even offer to babysit your children, but I'm semi retired from that line of employment.
How else can you help? Tell people about the comic, the more the healthier our numbers will be, and that's very important, keenspot-wise. Go to the cafepress store and buy something. Go to girlamatic, suscribe, and read "The Wisdom of Moo". Encourage other people to do the same, the more suscribers read the strip, the bigger the check I get from ModernTales. And, well, also, if you have any other ideas, I'd be willing to hear them. I haven't had time to truly sit down and try to turn the few ideas I have into realities, mostly because I already spend 8 hours a day on the comics, and the rest of the day I figure out how to stretch what little money I have.
In the past year, I've never adressed you as openly or as directly as I'm doing now, I wanted the work to speak for itself, while I stayed in the background taking care of the rest, but I can't.
I'm probably opening myself up to scorn and disdain, become a topic to be discussed by others, but a man's gotta admit it when he needs help.
Help. Please?

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