Saturday, July 31, 2004

Adis says: No, the characters aren't going anywhere, and neither is the site, but I am. I'm moving out of the place where I've drawn every strip and where I created the characters, and into a new place where I can see a kindergarden mural with Barney, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse co-exist, towering above the playing children, who will make noise and laugh, and will hopefully inspire my work.
I'm putting together a page to display the awards CYS won, an idea that was suggested by the readers, which is probably a good one. Let me tell you a little about the awards. CYS is, at this point, a little comic turning into a middle sized comic. It usually averaged a little under 3,000 daily visitors, so the higher profile infusions it's been getting in the past few months, first the move to Keenspot, then winning at the Cartoonist Choice Awards has helped mostly to increase that number to a little over 4,000, made more people notice our little strip, put it on the radar and consolidate it into a solid and entertaining option in the realm of webcomics (and internetainment in general, I suppose.) I know CYS is not the best comic out there, nor the most original or the funniest or the most revolutionary, it's just a good comic in a charming, gentle way. But if winning those awards helps more people realize the comic exists and enjoy it, then I'm glad I won. I just want as many people as possible reading the strip, that's all. That's the real award.
Now go to bed!

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