Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Adis says: I have this thing for travelling. Basically, I've lost my taste for it, because I've never gone anywhere. My rotten envy spoiled things for me. Growing up, I was never able to take advantage of the travelling opportunities that I had, which weren't many to begin with, while I saw almost everyone I knew pack up and leave. They made it look easy, but I found out it's not. When I was about 9, I asked my mother why we never went away on vacation, and she said that I was more than welcome to go live with my aunt, who would often hit her kids with a wooden ladle. "They go away each year", mom said. No thanks. I learned a lesson then, some families are happy, and some go on vacation. Of course, it didn't stick, and as I grew up, I saw people I knew visit my "special" places first, from Disneyland to London, from New York to Barcelona, from Toronto to the San Diego Comicon, while I was left here, wondering what does snow look like, if it's just a legend people talk about to mess with my home-bound head. With time, I learned not to dwell much on it, and I've come to accept that the day before I pack up and go somewhere is still a long way away. First, I need money and a map, and I have neither. So, I simply say I lost whatever taste I may have had for it once, because honestly, you can only wish to someday eat lobster for so long , before you realize that you're standing in a field of corn.
Oh, and I did go to Disneyland once, when I was 14, so you never know.
Now go to bed!

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