Friday, September 3, 2004

Adis says:I like this strip. On days like these, I'm reminded why I love doing this strip as much as I do.
What else? I just finished reading The Complete Bone, which I tried to read for almost as long as it's been out, I think. I tried to buy the collected editions for the longest time, but there are so many of them! So this one volume book came in quite handy. And how is it? Oh, it's great alright, whoever said it was Bugs Bunny meets The Lord Of The Rings was absolutely right. Gorgeous stuff... except, I don't know, I was expecting a different ending. Not the ending, just the last five pages, I was almost sure we'd be confronted with the greatest surprise of the story, specially since it took 15 years to get there! Instead, we got a very traditional ending that the more I ponder, the more fitting it is, but still... In any case, you can't read comics and not read Bone, so what are you waiting for?
One last thing: for those fans in the Mexico City area, check back tomorrow, because I might have an announcement for you!
Now go to bed!

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