Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Adis says:I'll be out all day today, celebrating my girlfriend's birthday. Now, most web comic authors don't talk much about their personal lives (and why should they?), but here's a bit about her because it's relevant to the comic.
Had it not been for Liliana, the strip would have most likely ended somewhere around here, because I was displeased with life and all its nuisances in general, and she convinced me that life, and this comic in particular, were worth pursuing. The comic became a backdrop for the evolution of our relationship, and I even used it to send messages to her that I just couldn't put in words, like this one, and particularly this one, the most celebrated CYS strip ever (it's over a year old and it still gets hundreds of hits every day.)
So that's the thing, this comic is in many was my daily gift to her, because it wouldn't exist without her and it gave me purpose. If anyone feels like dropping a line, send it to me or here, and tell her I sent you. Thanks!

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