Friday, June 24, 2005

So, guess what? This is an open call. I'm working on a super cool, super secret project, but having to juggle everything has proven quite a load. So, I need some time. So, in order for me to finish by deadline, I'm taking a week off CYS. So, I need your help. Starting today, I'm accepting submissions for guest strips for the week of July 3-9. Myself and a trusted panel of CYS experts will read them all, and we'll choose seven of them to post here. Ok? Sounds good? You have until next friday, July 1st. The rules are simple: 1)make it a strip, not really fanart or sketches or something of that kind. I'd say make it at least two panels long, unless you have a fantastic idea for a semi-strip. 2) Keep it in character, don't resurrect Marty, keep it clean and blue. 3) Send them over to with the subject line: "CYS guest week". So, that's it, knock yourself out, have fun, and thankyou thank you thank you from the bottom of my blue heart.
Now go to bed,

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Count Your Sheep is Adrian Ramos.