Thursday, February 7, 2008

as you know, I'm getting married. The best things in life are free, but a lot of the things that surrounds them are a bit steep. Everything is going well, actually, and I'm quite happy,
but I think I may be in need of some help. I don't like doing it anymore than I should,
but it's one of those time when I ask readers for any little dollar they might want to part with.
Just so I don't spend any goodwill from the readers I may have left, I promise
I'll even remove (yes, remove!) the donation page from this website for the rest of the year,
just so you don't have to feel like I'm constantly begging. I will send people
wallpapers and special surprises (another promise I intend to keep) and I'll be forever grateful.

But that's not all! I have also put up some new strips for sale,
including.... drumroll please... Laurie's first appereance!
It's true, you can find them here:

three In fact, let me do it one better. I'm a bit of a head-in-the-clouds guy, usually distracted when I shouldn't be
and that extends to my work here too, so here's my other offer:
donate and complain. I get tons of letters from people with ideas to make this a better wesbite. Well, send yours in.
However, since I'm asking money from you, I'll really improve things this time.
A Better website? I'll do it, an actual Myspace? Sure
A working RSS feed? You got it.
It'll be my job (one that hopefully pays a buck or two) to make the whole CYS experience better.
The offer doesn't extend to the content in the comic itself, so don't go suggesting ninjas or monkeys.
However, if your suggestions isn't too outlandish, I might consider it.
So, go, please! Let your viewing pleasure be my happiness!
Now go to bed,

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