Monday, September 8, 2008

This was without a doubt, an eventful weekend. sorry for the lack of comic on friday.
Of course, I attended another funeral, the third this year.
It's one of those things, that makes you really feel your age.
And my age, as of today is 30 years old. Yes, I've hit the big Three Oh.
My twenties are over, and I guess I was having too much fun to really notice it.
When I look back, it hits me how much I've done, but still.
I suppose life is really more than just the highlights, which is why I mostly remember the misses.
I can't deny, however, that I've had some fun along the way. This, our little comic here, is my source of most constant satisfaction.
So, today, I'm 30, I have a wife, a comic, a cat and a life that fill my days with the necessary life.
You can direct your emails to, or go to the facebook and twitter pages,
or, given my skills at my favorite extreme sport, the starving artist freestyle,
feel free to donate something via paypal to
I promise I'll get a haircut. Long hair is so twenties. Thank you all.
Now go to bed,

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