Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I had a yoga dream last night, so...
There is a newWisdom of Moo comic today, so go check it out because the plot is thickening.
You may have heard about My T-Shirt Fairy Tale my comic currently in competition.
You may have already voted for it. If you have and you emailed me, you've already gotten a little something something.
If you haven't voted, here's a little incentive for you:
If you register on Zuda and vote for My T-Shirt Fairy Tale, drop me a line at tshirtfairytale_fans@ymail.com
and I'll send you a new kit: a digital edition of the Count Your Sheep first book
AND a chance to win the very first CYS ANNUAL GIVEAWAY CONTEST with real life gifts to hold in your hands.
Yes, it has come to that. Everyone who has voted count yourselves (pun intended) in already. Register, vote, email me and I'll fill you in on the details!
Now go to bed,

The first comic Today's comic

Count Your Sheep is Adrian Ramos.