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Hello, Adis here. I think I've not done enough to promote my own work on our site. So... here it is and here I am, asking you to hire me for your commissioned work!
Now, I can do a lot, but these are my specialties.

If you're here, you're probably a CYS fan, in which case, you'd probably enjoy seeing our characters in a different setting.
It's totally doable, within reason. :)

Then, there's caricature work. This is a favorite thing of mine to do. You won't regret it.

I'm also great at designing ads, logos and catalogues, and in fact, this is probably what I've found myself doing the most.

Then there's the simple illustration work. I can draw characters, cars, and girls!

Oh, and I repair damaged photographs, too!

Now, about payment. Well, I charge reasonable prices, but that's not all I ask for. I also want your soul.
I'm kidding. No, what I'd like is for you to go find another webcomic you like,
one that's kinda small and deserving (it could even be this one, but not necessarily. It could also be your own.)
and recommend it to me and to someone else. And, at least for a while, if you feel like it...