Saturday, September 20, 2003

Adis says:I hope you all saw the presentation I did for the Buzzawards, everyone seemed to like it, and I got nice comments about its spiffiness. However, that wasn't the first one I did, my original idea was different.
I wanted to do a comic in which Katie and Ship were at the ceremony handing the award themselves. Sadly, the result was this huuuge strip, that was way beyond the image size allowed for the presentations. Since I didn't want to draw the whole thing again in a smaller size, I used what I had, added some Photoshop magic, and got the one you saw, that I'm quite fond of now.
Anyway, enjoy the original.

...Amanda Hardy of The Repository of Dangerous Things! I was so excited she was in the category, and I was even more pleased when she won. Much deserved, even if I feel she should have gotten recognition for her other strip that I love so much.
Tomorrow I'll post more on the prehistory of the strip, characters that got the axe, and concept art that sucked.
Now go to bed!

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