Friday, October 3, 2003

Adis says:I felt like experimenting with the format a little, and I was dying to draw Ship in a white tux. I've had the retro bug for a while now, and it's about time it reflected on my work. Did you like it?
A few announcements: CYS was selected as one of the Keenspace Allstars for October, which I'm thankful for. Thanks to everyone who voted!
I've been meaning to do this for a while, and kept putting it off but since today's the day for announcements... This are some sites close to CYS, sites on which I am involved in what they do in one shape or another. They are:
The Story Ladies, the fiction/poetry site of Valeria, my close friend and co-moderator on the forum. Sweet and girly., the site of Zac Smith, the Potteresque webmaster. You'll be greeted by a graphic of Luna I made, and you'll find other Adis' stuff if you navigate the site. Come to think of it, I haven't heard from Zac in a few days. Are you ok, man?
Of course, there's No Room For Magic. Thanks to everyone who've visited and commented on it.
Lastly, it's Spinning Destiny, a manga webcomic done both in English and Spanish, by fellow MexiKEEN artist and upcoming collaborator Zirta. Lovely stuff.
Ok, it's settled: on sunday, the fanart I'll make will be of Sinfest! I can't wait to get started... Have a great friday, and I'll see you all tomorrow.
Now go to bed!

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