Saturday, October 4, 2003

Adis says:An Adrianism is one of those somewhat weird, yet oddly heartwarming things I say. It's a term coined by a friend of mine, who simply dismissed something I said as a typical "Adrianism". I'll post one whenever I run out of ideas or other side projects, at least once a week, I'm sure. I made this one orignally for the sister of a dear friend, and I hope they won't mind.
You'll noitce I've decided to switch to computer lettering from now on. I like my own handwriting, but it just looks better on the computer, not to mention it's faster. Balloons however, are a whole different beast and a true traumatic experience. If there's anyone proficient enough with Adobe Illustrator, willng to teach me a little, please either email me, or go to the forum.
Thanks, and remember to vote for CYS at the Buzzcomix 100!
Now go to bed!

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