Friday, October 31, 2003

Adis says:And that wraps up the "Mouse" storyline, in Webcomic Cinemascope, no less! What are your thoughts, is it what you expected? could you see it coming? did you think it was going to be scarier?
People with expert eyes will notice this strip also sheds some light on how Ship relates to Laurie and some of her past. That's right folks, cutesy comics can have character development too!
If it's a Halloween strip you're looking for, please check out today's No Room For Magic, that I promise will shake you to the core!
On Saturday, the BXC 100 will reset, so remember to vote. We didn't do too bad this month, I'm sure no other comic less than 6 months old is the Top 30, so good job to all of you. However, CYS can still do better, and I've planned a new voting incentive. But more details on that tomorrow, but still vote, please!
Now go to bed!

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