Saturday, November 1, 2003

Adis says: I hope you all went over to our mirror site to read friday's strip, since Keenspace had updating problems all throughout Halloween. In case you didn't, here's yesterday's strip, as well as the newest Adrianism.
It's a new month my dear readers, which means the BCX 100 has reset! I invite you all to go vote for CYS, and if you do here's what I have for you: a brand new comic! Perhaps a few of you have seen it, but most of you haven't. It's some of my "serious" work, no talking animals or underage dragon slayers anywhere. Just an 8 page story, called "Foreign Words." There'll be a new page every two days for you to see, how does that sound? CYS finished October as comic #28 on the list, with over 600 votes, but we need to at least crack the top 25 this month! (Please?) Anyway, enjoy the comic and I'll see you tomorrow.
Now go to bed!

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