Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Adis says: That artwork is from Jason Bryant, author of Quest Of The Silly here at Keenspace, with a little coloring assist from me. I looked at it, and felt like doing some dramatic lightning, so I hope Jason can forgive me.
Aaaaaand, that's our Katie down there, in a sketch I drew of her in a very cute winter outfit. For all of you aspiring colorists or Photoshop experts, this one's for you: If you vote for CYS at the BCX 100, you'll see a larger file of this same drawing, that you can take home and color! Once it's done, send it to me, and I'll show it here! We can even make a contest out of it, what do you say? Get to work, and I'll see you tomorrow!
Now go to bed!

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