Monday, July 4, 2005

So, here we are. First off, I gotta thank you all for the trmendous, staggering, and overwhelming response to my call for guest strips. It was quite fascinating to see you climb into my shoes of sorts, and get to play for a while with my characters. I liked everything, mostly because I was completely floored by the love and care you put into them. In any case, here we go. While I'm not the author responsible for them, I figured some of you might appreciate some commentary from me alongside the strips. The rest of you can simply focus on the strips and look past my ramblings. Anyway, ready or not, here we go:

Take a look at this. i don't mention this often, but I'm a manga and anime appreciator. I wish I could say I'm a devoted fan, and that I know the full story of Chobits, but I don't. What I love is the form, how different the stories flow and develop, but mostly, I love those eyes. Nothing makes me happier than gigantic, expressive eyes, and the manga styled eyes turn simple expressions into icons.
Naturally, seeing my characters in manga form is such a treat for me, even more so if they are this adoringly rendered. Look at their faces, see how a few simple lines convey emotion, and how they could almost leap out of the screen at the drop of a cookie jar. Adorable. A big big "thank you" to the very talented team of Cassandra and Sarah Miles of Prime Evil.

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Count Your Sheep is Adrian Ramos.