Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Maybe it's because it was Fourth of July and many of you were outside probably lighting fireworks (or each other, which is a great trick, but can only be done once.) The thing is, I recieved no death threats, which means I can continue with my play by play commentary of your guest strips.
Today's first one comes courtesy of Burke and Locke Porter of What Happens Next. I didn't just choose strips based on whether you had a webcomic or not, it just looks that way. What grabs me about this one in particular, is the style. Yes, I know, it's just like Gabe's, but who among us hasn't taken all that we love about a certain artist and use it in our own work? (I wanted to be just like Art Adams when I just a young adis..

Today's second comic strip is quite different. In fact, it's not really a CYS strip at all, is it? However,it's a good external use of Ship, and I'm even tempted to call it an homage to CYS (and to Springsteen) ad homages will get you a long way, specially if they are for me.
Thanks to the very accomplished Ira Nayman. And just so you know, while I've never been, Toronto occupied my every thought for about a year. See you tomorrow!

The first comic Today's comic

Count Your Sheep is Adrian Ramos.