Monday, August 1, 2005

Did you know that Maritza Campos of College Roomies From Hell had her baby like, a month ago? Of course, being the disconnected guy I am I didn't know about it, and no one ever tells me about these things, and I've stopped following the news, and I hardly read other comics. In fact, I'm starting to believe I'm one of those reclusive guys you hear a lot about. In any case, a major congratulations y un abrazo go out to her. Mari was a major influence, back in my days without a comic, and proof that it was possible for someone from our neck of the woods to make it, and then once CYS came to be, Mari became one of its first supporters, and for that I thank her. And congratulate her and offer any maternal advice she might need. (You learn a thing or two when you write a comic about a single mother.)
Now go to bed,

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